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Controlling Mitochondrial Dynamics to Mitigate Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

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Oregon Health and Science University Portland United States

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In this study, we are examining the efficacy of a potential early intervention therapeutic for noise induced hearing loss NIHL.The generation of reactive oxygen species is one of the underlying mechanisms of noise-induced damage to tissues in the innerear that leads to noise-induced hearing loss NIHL. The goal is to define an effective post-exposure, non-invasive intervention strategy to mitigate a primary cause of loud-sound induced hearing loss mitochondrial dysfunction and overproduction of reactive oxygen species. Utilizing a small molecule mitochondrial fission inhibitor, mitochondrial division inhibitor-1, the results so far have demonstrated that inhibition of the mitochondrial fission process significantly attenuates NIHL and reduces damage to the tissues of the inner ear resulting from a single acute sound exposure.

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Technical Report,14 Sep 2017,15 Sep 2018



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