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Annual Aviation Inventory and Funding Plan Fiscal Years (FY) 2019 2048

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Department of Defense Washington United States

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Section 231 a of title 10, United States Code, requires the Secretary of Defense to submit an annual, long-term aviation plan for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, to include unmanned systems, for all Services and for combatant commanders that have aircraft assigned to them. This report responds to that requirement. Summary of the Annual Plan and Certification. This plan was developed based on the Fiscal Year FY 2019 Presidents Budget PB submission and is consistent with the 2018 National Defense Strategy, and the priorities laid out in the Secretary of Defenses FY 2019 budget guidance. It represents the Departments continued focus on national security challenges spanning the continuum of conflict with a plan that prioritizes countering regional threats in the Asia Pacific and European theaters, preserves readiness to counter near-term threats while modernizing the force, and balances investment in conventional capabilities with maintaining a credible nuclear deterrent. The Departments FY 2019 budget request and the associated FY 2019-2023 Future Years Defense Program FYDP provide the requisite funding to implement the Aviation Inventory and Funding Plan through FY 2023 for all programs of record.

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