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Improved Energy Source for NDI Equipment Tools, Summary Report, Year 1

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pH Matter Columbus United States

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In this Phase II project, pH Matter and its partners will build a 25 W prototype fuel cell power system, and demonstrate operation of NDI equipment with the system. The project is on schedule except for demonstration of the 15-cell stack with developmental membranes, which should be completed within one month of the original milestone. In the report that follows, we review work completed during the first year of the project. pH Matter has incorporated experimental membranes and ionomer delivered from Bettergy and demonstrated excellent performance and stability at target air flows using up to 5 molar ethanol fuel. Further, the company demonstrated a 3-cell stack with external manifold that reduced pressure drop to an acceptable level for the COTS blower options. Lockheed has built and demonstrated a breadboard balance of plant and controls, which will eventually be integrated with the direct ethanol fuel cell stack. The stack and system design was presented to the Air Force project monitor in a design review meeting. Risks to project success that are immediately being addressed are sealing large area cells using developmental membranes due to membrane expansion in the fuel, and reducing prototype system size which is inflated from the current stack compression design both being addressed in pH Matters ongoing work.

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SBIR Report,25 May 2016,24 May 2017



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