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Development of Ultrafast Electronic-Raman 2D Spectroscopy

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Nanyang Technological University Novena Singapore

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We have demonstrated a new nonlinear optical spectroscopic technique Ultrafast Two Dimensional Electronic-Raman spectroscopy 2DER, which is capable of measuring the correlation between excited electronic states and their vibrational Raman spectral signature. In this technique, each of the multiple excited electronic transitions in a complex system can be correlated with its low vibrational frequency Raman spectrum. The 2DER spectrum presents the initial actinic excitation wavelength with nanometer spectral resolution in the first axis, and the detected stimulated Raman spectra in the second axis. This work has been published in a leading journal in optics Optics Letters 43, 939 2018. With this technique, we will be able to obtain an unprecedented picture of how the transient structure mediates the functions and properties of important biological and chemical systems. We present preliminary results on the application of 2DER on characterization of the dark state of photosynthetic accessory pigment beta-carotene.

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Technical Report,22 Sep 2016,21 Sep 2017



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