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Show No Weakness: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder at the Tip of the Spear

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Gravely Naval Research Group, Naval War College Newport United States

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War is hell...on the men and women fighting Americas wars around the world, especially upon the mental health of them and their families. In SOCOM, this reality has created a rising trend in PTSD diagnoses along with many other combat stress related issues, to include suicide and suicidal ideations. With rising rates, comes recognition and preventative measures, yet little head way has been made to date. This research aims to reverse that trend by creating a different model for diagnosing and treating PTSD along with many other mental health and combat stress related issues. It focuses on the realities of combat that every soldier faces and the coping mechanisms available to them, instead of whether or not the soldier has a disorder or doesnt. In addition, this research pushes for a different leadership development model within USSOCOM to ensure warriors have adequate support for the realities they face in combat.

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