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Identifying Potential Weapon Systems That Can Be Divested

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The purpose of this research was to determine if the TACOM LCMC Sustainment Systems Technical Support SSTS Operation Maintenance Army OMA Requirements Tracking System TORTS process used to develop, prioritize, and approve contract and project requirements was also used to identify low priority includes excess capability not relevant and taking risk for early divestiture of systems weapons systems that could be divested. This research employed a mixed quantitative and qualitative research questions. TACOM LCMC personnel in Warren, Michigan were surveyed via email resulting in a sample size of 102 respondents. Data was collected using Survey Monkey and analyzed using Minitab. The survey collected quantitative data to determine the extent to which TORTS was used to identify systems that could be divested. The survey also included two open-ended questions that captured qualitative information on obstacles and advantagesdisadvantages of using TORTS, and on other systems. The results indicated that ILSC and PEO GCS were the only two organizations committed to using TORTS to identify systems that can be divested. DA policy rated the highest mean surveyed indicating that DA policy was the most primary reason chosen by respondents as why TORTS was not used to identify low priority systems that could be divested. Results indicated numerous processesprograms in place now that can be used to identify low priority systems for divestiture and that programs should be reviewed for relevance and affordability and TORTS provided the advantage to review low priority sustainment systems for divestiture. Recommend that TACOMLCMC leadership place greater emphasis on participation in TORTS by all organizations disseminate what processes or programs that are currently being used by DA to identify systems for divestiture to the TACOM LCMC community and leverage TORTS to provide a TACOMLCMC consolidated list of candidate systems for divestiture to the DA on a regular basis.

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