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Selecting Candidates for Key Leadership Positions in Program Executive Offices Ground Combat Systems and Combat Service and Combat Service Support

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The purpose of this study is to compare the current interview process for senior positions within Program Executive Office PEO Ground Combat Systems GCS and PEO Combat Support and Combat Service Support CS and CSS with the guidance for key leadership positions, Office of Personnel Management OPM guidance, and best practices in industry. These comparisons provide important insights into the strengths and weaknesses of current practices, and suggest ways to improve current practices. This study was limited to the hiring practices of PEO GCS and PEO CS and CSS for core NH-IV senior level positions. Both organizations are located at the TACOM Life Cycle Management Command LCMC on the Detroit Arsenal in Warren, MI. At the time of the study, PEO GCS and PEO CS and CSS did not have a specific policy for hiring key leadership positions however, each organization has similar hiring policies for core NH-IV pay band positions. The survey was released to the entire TACOM LCMC workforce in December 2015. The workforce was instructed that the survey was intended for only NH-IV grade, or equivalent, employees. Of the 267 respondents, only 51 met the grade requirement and had participated in a core NH-IV hiring action within either PEO. The data collected provides senior leaders a snap shot of their current core NH-IV hiring process. The survey instrument was designed to assess the current process against the key leadership position guidance, OPM guidance and industry best practices. The results show that small changes throughout the current process will help the PEOs meet the new key leadership position guidance when hiring for those positions.

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