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User-Defined Meteorological (MET) Profiles from Climatological and Extreme Condition Data

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US Army Research Laboratory Adelphi United States

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Longer-term strategic and tactical planning need to include the potential effects of the atmosphere on operations as well as test and evaluation. Estimates of changes in the atmosphere, often forecasted via numerical weather models, have application in the shorter term of from an hour or less to perhaps 2 weeks. For longer outlooks beyond the skill of forecasting methods, planners often resort to climate data to provide the required meteorological information. This report investigates the application of climate data for use in test and evaluation, though the same methods could be applied to planning for other purposes. More specifically, the method of this report first extracts data including climatic extremes from files supplied by the Air Force 14th Weather Squadron. It then generates vertical profiles of meteorological variables using height levels and layers that may be defined by the user.

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Technical Report,08 Jan 2018,01 Feb 2018



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