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Targeting Neuronal-like Metabolism of Metastatic Tumor Cells as a Novel Therapy for Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis

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University of Notre Dame Notre Dame United States

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During this reporting period, we conducted whole tissue clearing based imaging to dissect the interaction between the tumor cell and its brain metastatic microenvironment. We have further developed and refined imaging analysis algorithms and discovered previously under appreciated metastatic phenotype. In addition, through bioinformatics analysis, we identified GAD1 as one of the major driver genes regulating the metabolic shifting of brain metastatic tumor cells. We have the preliminary tested therapeutic potential of using GAD1 pathway inhibitor Vigabatrin in preventing tumor cell proliferation. Encouraged the by the promising results, in the next funding year, we are planning to test the therapeutic effects of Vigabatrin using in vivo animal model.

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Technical Report,01 Mar 2016,28 Feb 2017



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