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Polymeric RNAi Microsponge Delivery Simultaneously Targeting Multiple Genes for Novel Pathway Inhibition of Ovarian Cancer

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Massachusetts General Hospital Boston United States

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The first year of this award included the following tasks. Major Task 1 IACUC and ACURO Approval. Subtask 1 IACUC Approval. Months 1 - 3. Subtask 2 Acuro Approval. Months 3 - 6. Milestones Achieved We obtained the necessary approvals for performing animal experiments. Major Task 2 Synthesis and in vitro testing of single component RNAi-MS. Subtask 1 Synthesis of single component RNAi-MS. Months 1-3. Subtask 2 Target product inhibition by single component RNAi. Months 1-3. Subtask 3 Single component RNAi-MS mediated inhibition of in vitro cancer cell tumorigenic behavior. Months-4-8. This task is still ongoing we will accomplish by end of this no cost extension year, 7312017. Major Task 3 Synthesis and in vitro testing of multiple component RNAi-MS. Months 4-12. This task is in progress.

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2015,29 Sep 2016



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