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Therapeutic Intervention of Glial-Mediated Enhancement of Neuroinflammation in an Established Model of GWI

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Morgantown United States

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The main objectives of this project is to expand upon the current understanding of the effects of high physiological stress on nerve agent exposure to identify how the duration of corticosterone CORT exposure impacts the long-term endpoints of our GWI model, which glial cell types are involved in the neuroinflammatory phenotype associated with GWI, and whether cell-specific or targeted neuroinflammatory treatment can alleviate GWI symptomatology. We aim to 1 evaluate the duration of CORT exposures necessary to produce the neuroinflammatory phenotype seen in an established, clinically relevant, GWI mouse model 2 identify the contribution of astrocytes andor microglia in the development of enhanced neuroinflammation in our GWI model and 3 test the efficacy of potential therapeutic interventions that target glia and reduce neuroinflammation in our GWI model.

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Technical Report,23 May 2016,22 May 2017



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