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Mobility for GCSS-MC through virtual PCs

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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The ability for Marines to access Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps GCSS-MC through mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones would greatly improve their productivity. Mobile device access to GCSS-MC would allow Marines to access a required program for their mission using a form of computing device with which they are most familiar. Currently, there is not an approved mobile application designed for use with GCSS-MC or any approved mobile access method. Our research shows that the use of virtual PCs VPCs to access applications such as GCSS-MC is a secure and technologically feasible method to provide mobile access to GCSS-MC. By using VPCs, thin clients, such as mobile devices, are able to access computationally strenuous and high-network throughput applications with a device running on various operating systems with limited computational ability. The use of VPCs leads to a reduced need for network throughput and faster overall execution.

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