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Low Cost, High-Throughput 3-D Pulmonary Imager Using Hyperpolarized Contrast Agents and Low-Field MRI

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Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nashville United States

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According to the original statement of work we have focused our activities on three specific aims. With regards to Aim number 1, we have been working on the construction of 129Xe automated hyperpolarizer and began device testing The remaining efforts for Year 3 will be focused on device construction complete, automation and optimization, and integrated use with the MRI scanner. With regards to Aim number 2, we have focused a considerable amount of the effort on investigating the fundamental parameters of propane hyperpolarization and lifetimes in the gas and phase. In particular, we have studied the pressure dependence of the propane lifetimes at low magnetic fields, and we have identified the limits of the magnetic field for hyperpolarized propane technology is similar to 0.4 T. These and Year 1 discoveries guided our efforts for the overall propane hyperpolarizer design. The prototype which will likely remain the final design is completed, and we are now waiting automation component for device automation. Regarding aim number 3, we have worked with equipment vendors and finalized the design of the low-field MRI scanner by using a new commercial vendor. See report for details. We also note that we are submitting a duplicating report for two partnering PI awards of the same project W81XWH-15-1-0271 and W81XWH-15-1-0272.

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2016,29 Sep 2017



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