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Combination Therapies for the Mitigation of Musculoskeletal Pathologic Damage in a Novel Model of Severe Injury and Disuse

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University of Texas Southwesern Medical Center Dallas United States

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Severe injury in patients results in adverse physiologic and musculoskeletal changes that are immediate and long lasting. In response to injury, metabolic and physiologic responses determine length of hospitalization and subsequent activity limitations. Reduced mobility from bed rest and injury severity affect muscle and bone health and are detrimental to rehabilitative success. Therefore, means to counteract adverse effects on muscle and bone after injury and disuse are needed. Pharmacologic i.e insulin or oxandrolone, non-pharmacologic i.e. exercise and nutritional interventions have been used independently with limited success 17. The combination of pharmacological interventions and exercise has not been systematically investigated. We propose to determine if the administration of pharmacologic agents combined with exercise attenuates muscle atrophy and bone degradation following severe injury, disuse and re-ambulation. The current proposal is for mitigation of musculoskeletal pathologic change in polytrauma patients.

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2016,29 Sep 2017



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