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An Analysis of USMC Facilities Support Contracts with a Focus on Base Maintenance

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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The purpose of this research was to provide recommendations to improve the Marine Corps facilities support contract FSC process and encourage innovation. In order to achieve this objective, three research questions were answered. First, what are the current practices and processes used for USMC contracting Second, what commercial and governmental best business practices can the USMC implement to improve the FSC process Third, what strategies and practices can the USMC use to promote innovation in FSCs These questions were answered by reviewing Marine Corps FSC files, researching service contracting best business practices, and ascertaining strategies to encourage innovation. After a comparative analysis, eight recommendations were identified to improve the FSC process. The first four recommendations involve the implementation of the following best business practices. First, foster a better utilization of the Integrated Project Team the team responsible for designing the requirement as well as managing and evaluating the acquisition effort. Second, leverage the benefits of strategic sourcing. Third, improve data collection and forecasting. Last, improve the ability to share lessons learned. The remaining four recommendations offer strategies to encourage innovation. First, allow the contractor and government personnel to be innovative. Second, use private sector advisors to learn the most current processes and technological advancements. Third, provide both the contractors and government personnel with incentives to innovate. Last, create a culture of innovation.

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