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Powder based superdielectric materials for novel Capacitor design

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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This thesis is part of a continuing effort to improve upon the performance and fabrication methods of powder-based superdielectric material PSDM capacitors. This thesis reports the performance as a function of discharge time for very thin films of aqueous NaCl solution-saturated silica gel films spread within holes of a very thin 16 micrometers polymer sheet. The most significant finding is that these PSDM capacitors have unprecedented, functional dielectric values for this thickness and excellent power and energy densities approximately 90 Jcm3. Earlier PSDM studies indicated that thicknesses 300 micrometers PSDMs have extremely high dielectric values. However, performance of these capacitors extrapolated to very thin dielectric layers was still unknown. This study recorded dielectric values of up to 1x109 for layers on theorder of ten microns-thick. In addition, this study provides unique required engineering data regarding the performance of SDM as a function of discharge time. In summation, PSDM capacitors were successfully tested as a function of frequency and form factor for various thicknesses.

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