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Implementation of a Multi-Robot Coverage Algorithm on a Two-Dimensional, Grid-Based Environment

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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With the development and advancement in the technology of control and multi-robot systems, robot agents are likely to take over mine countermeasure MCM missions one day. The path planning coverage algorithm is an essential topic for research the combination of an efficient algorithm and accurate sensors can save time and human lives. The objective of this work is to implement a path planning coverage algorithm for a multi-robot system in a two-dimensional, grid-based environment. We assess the applicability of a topology-based algorithm to the MCM mission. First, we provide an overview of multi-robot coverage algorithms. Second, we select one algorithm, analyze it, and test its performance. Then the algorithm is evaluated in nine experiments using different numbers of robots and obstacles. Finally, the results are assessed by how much time the steps took and how many free points are not visited when the algorithm is finished. The outcome indicates that efficiency decreases as the number of robots or obstacles increases. This thesis concludes with recommendations for ways to improve the efficiency of the algorithm as well as how to perform the experiments cost effectively in a real environment.

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