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Generalized Boolean Functions as Combiners

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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In this digital age, cryptography has formed the backbone of many computer functions. Cryptography drives online commerce and allows privileged information safe transit between two parties as well as many other critical internet uses. The presence of a strong pseudo-random number generator PRNG is an absolute requirement in modern cryptography. All modern ciphers draw their strength from having this strong generator. There are currently many ways to generate a secure PRNG. Most current PRNGs generate their stream as a sequence of bits. As a result, most tests performed to ensure randomness are made for binary streams. This thesis introduces a way to generate an integer random number stream using generalized Boolean functions. Additionally, this thesis discusses how to test an integer stream using binary tests. Data from this thesis suggests that high levels of complexity can be obtained using simple quadratic or other higher degree generalized combiners. Additionally, our data discusses the ability to generate sequences with high degrees of randomness using a variety of combiner choices for the generalized Boolean function.

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Technical Report,05 Jul 2016,16 Jun 2017



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