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Generating Ship-to-Shore Bulk Fuel Delivery Schedules for the Marine Expeditionary Unit

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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Resupplying Marine Corps units ashore from a seabase presents a unique challenge for amphibious planners. In particular, it is alaborious process to generate the schedules for the ship-to-shore assets that deliver supplies ashore. In this thesis, we focus specificallyon the delivery of bulk fuel for a Marine ExpeditionaryUnit MEU.We introduce theMEUAmphibious Connector Scheduler MACStool to quickly provide amphibious planners with optimized and executable ship-to-shore delivery schedules of bulk fuel to multiplelocations ashore. MACS consists of three main models. The first is a dynamic network flow model to compute the optimal number ofruns i.e., round-trips for each delivery asset to meet the demand for fuel on shore as quickly as possible. The second model is anassignment heuristic that orders the runs for each delivery asset. This assignment heuristic allows us to bypass a slow mixed integerlinear program. The final model is a linear program that takes the output from the first two models and creates a minute-by-minuteschedule that minimizes the average completion time over the delivery assets. We analyze several different scenarios, and MACSgenerates schedules in less than one minute.

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Technical Report,01 Aug 2016,01 Jun 2017



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