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Design of a Screen Based Simulation for Training and Automated Assessment of Teamwork Skills

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University of California Los Angeles United States

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Introduction While communication and teamwork skills are increasingly recognized as important factors in improving patient safety, team training is not routinely incorporated into training programs, and opportunities to practice teamwork skills and receive objective feedback are limited. We are developing and testing a screen-based team training to provide healthcare professionals deliberate practice on teamwork skills and improve performance through automated, individualized feedback .Methodology During the past year year 1 we reviewed the state of the art regarding team training and identified gaps in knowledge and practices through literature review, subject matter expertSME interviews and focus group facilitation. Available screen-based training modules and games were identified and reviewed .Results Over 1500 articles were reviewed, 5 SMEs interviewed and 4 interprofessional focus groups conducted. Interviews revealed a degree of concordance between the views of experts and those in the field teamwork is valuable and valued, albeit not meeting expectations in many instances. Providing context, repeated practice and feedback are important aspects of implementing teamwork skills. The screen-based game format will provide these elements. Conclusions Single player games may not be suitable for teaching all teamwork skills however, teaching every skill is less important than deliberate practice implementing selected skills in context.

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Technical Report,15 Jul 2016,14 Jul 2017



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