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Study of Complex Plasmas with Magnetic Dipoles

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Chubu University Nagoya Japan

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This research on complex plasmas with magnetic dipoles has been carried out at Chubu University in Kasugai, Aichi Prefecture from 13August, 2014 to 12 August, 2017, after the transfer of the principal investigator from Yokohama National University to Chubu University. Research personnel included a principal investigator, Osamu Ishihara, and Visiting Professor Sergey Vladimirov of University of Sydney, Australia. The project involved the study of a complex plasma a plasma with macroparticles. The study focused on a theoretical study of electromagnetic wave propagation in a complex plasma. The study was prompted by earlier experimental work of a complex plasma in the presence of magnetic field, carried out at Yokohama National University, supported by previous grant FA2386-12-1-4077 Principal investigator O. Ishihara. In a plasma, charged particles move freely with thermal energy much larger than Coulomb energy, showing the nature of a weak coupling. Such a weak coupling among particles is the basis for the variety of collective behavior manifested in a plasma,especially oscillations or waves characterized by high frequency accompanied by the motion of electrons andor ions. On the other hand, the presence of dust particles, either conductors or nonconductors, in a plasma changed the concept of the plasma characterized by a weak coupling. Dust particles of micron size are negatively charged in a plasma by the current balance of ions and electrons on the surface of a dust particle, and are confined in a plasma to remain charge neutral as a system. Such a plasma was originally studied in a context of a plasma in universe and was often called as a dusty plasma in the field of astrophysics. Even in a recent study of accelerating expansion of the universe, the presence of dust particles in space must be considered to evaluate the observed red-shift properly.

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Technical Report,31 Jul 2014,30 Jul 2017




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