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Synthesis of Large-Area 2D Layered Materials and Their Heterostacking Structures

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Academia Sinica Taipei Taiwan

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Transition metal dichalcogenides TMDs have been recognized as a new class of semiconducting two-dimensional 2D layered materials, which open up new opportunities in semiconductor technology for developing future 2D electronics and optoelectronics. Monolayer TMDs also feature their direct energy band gap, good carrier mobility and excellent ONOFF current ratio when fabricated into field effect transistors, which are important properties for future low-power electronics and optoelectronics. For further applications in advanced circuits, the development of two-dimensional 2D p-n junction is prerequisite. The research team has successfully shown the direct growth of atomically sharp p-n junction between WSe2 and MoS2. Science, 349, 524 2015. This demonstrates the state-of-the-art growth in this field. The heterostructural interface presents a nice p-n junction, which is a key component for monolayer electronics.

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Technical Report,20 Nov 2014,19 Nov 2016



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