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Development of n- and p-type Doped Perovskite Single Crystals Using Solid-State Single Crystal Growth (SSCG) Technique

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Sunmoon University Chungnam Korea, South

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In this project the solid-state growth of n- and p-type doped perovskite single crystals 1 paraelectric SrTiO3, 2 normal ferroelectric BaTiO3, 3 relaxor ferroelectric 0.85BaTiO3-0.15BiMg0.5Ti0.5O3, and 4 antiferroelectric PbZrO3 have been tried. Among them n- and p-type doped BaTiO3 single crystals have been successfully fabricated. And their bi-crystals containing a twin or twist boundary are also fabricated using diffusion bonding process of two single crystal plates. These results demonstrate that the SSCG solid-state single crystal growth technique are suitable to grow a variety of n- and p-type doped perovskite single crystals of complicated compositions. The Fe-doped 001 BaTiO3 single crystals show an ultrahigh strain of 0.8 at 1 kVmm SmaxEmax 15,000 pmV which is 30 times higher than PZT ceramics and 7.5 times higher than PMN-PT single crystals. Therefore the BaTiO3 single crystals having ultrahigh unipolar strains will be used for actuator, sensor, and transducer applications. The research is anticipated to guide the practical development of functional perovskite single crystals.

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Technical Report,04 Jun 2014,03 Jun 2017



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