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Power Projection in the Digital Age: The Only Winning Move is to Play

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U.S. Air Force Washington United States

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Logistics is the lifeblood of the Joint Force. It requires an effective distribution network as its heart, moving and sustaining the force at the right place and at the right time all the time. U.S. Transportation Command USTRANSCOM delivers that decisive force, projecting American power globally through the robust Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise JDDE and leveraging the expertise of more than 140,000 professionals. No other nation in the world can compete with the United States inconventional warfare because we plan, secure, and distribute combat capability so well. As a result, many military planners are now value-programmed to believe that a soldier or bullet will always be where it needs to be, when it needs to be thereon demand.

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PRISM , 7, 2, 01 Jan 0001, 01 Jan 0001, See also AD1044677



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