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Plasmacytoma Infiltrating Leiomyoma in Multiple Myeloma

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59th MDW San Antonio United States

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Extraosseus plasmacytoma is rare within the female genital tract. Here, we report the case of a 55 year-old female with a history of multiple myeloma who presented with a six month history of postmenopausal vaginal bleeding. Speculum exam revealed a mass protruding through the cervical canal highly suggestive of a prolapsed leiomyoma. After surgical resection, gross examination of the presumptive myomectomy specimen revealed a 4cm white, whorled mass with no areas of necrosis or hemorrhage. Microscopically, the mass was comprised of a well-circumscribed proliferation of smooth muscle diffusely effaced and expanded by a population of CD138,lambda light chain-restricted plasma cells. We hypothesize that a preexisting submucosal leiomyoma became colonized by neoplastic plasma cells with resultant expansion and protrusion of the leiomyoma through the cervical canal. This case highlights a rare presentation of an extraosseous plasmacytoma within the female genital tract and to our knowledge is the first reported case of a plasmacytoma involving a leiomyoma.

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Conference Paper

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Texas Society of Pathologists Annual Meeting , 19 Jan 2018, 21 Jan 2018,



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