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Automated Test Methods for XML Metadata

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Range Commanders Council White Sands Missile Range United States

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This document Volume VI of the RCC Document 118 series describes procedures used for evaluating XML metadata documents, including TMATS, MDL, IHAL, and DDML documents. These documents contain specifications or descriptions of artifacts and systems of importance to the collection and management of telemetry data. The methods defined in this report provide a means of evaluating the suitability of such a metadata document under the TMATS, MDL, IHAL, or DDML definitions. The reader of this report should be familiar with the extensible markup language XML and its supporting form for describing XML file schema. For a quick overview, refer to the RCC Document 125-15 XML Style Guide. This report should be of interest primarily to users of XML metadata documents, and may be of interest to developers of those documents. The methods described here may be used to evaluate XML metadata documents for use in describing telemetry artifacts and systems. Alternatively, through the use of gold-standard metadata documents, these methods may be used to evaluate evolving conventions, standards, guidelines, and application rules for compatibility with prior capabilities.This document defines methods for evaluating Range Commanders Council RCC eXtensible Markup Language XML files with regard to XML-based metadata standards encoded in the XML schema definition XSD format and other standards and conventions. This method should be of interest primarily to parties having tools or applications that consume RCC metadata standard documents, and may be of interest to developers of tools or applications that produce RCC metadata standard documents. Evaluations defined in this method include formal schema definitions, conventional forms of modeling, established style guides, and ancillary application-specific usage rules.

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