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FAQs Regarding PFASs Associated with AFFF Use at U.S. Military Sites

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Environmental Security Technology Certification Program Alexandria United States

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This document was crafted to provide remedial project managers and other stakeholders with a concise summary on the state of knowledge regarding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances PFASs as related to the use and release of aqueous film forming foams AFFFs at United States U.S. military sites. Eight frequently-asked questions FAQ are addressed in this document, which contains citations from the literature that provide more detailed information. The unique structural attributes of PFASs are described along with the use in AFFFs. To place AFFF use into context, other sources of human and environmental exposure to PFASs are provided. The environmental media in which PFASs are found and the factors that control PFASs fate and transport are described. An overview of the characterization and remedial tools that are currently available is provided, in addition to information on the pathways of human and ecological health effects and the current regulatory status of PFASs. A companion is listed, among other resources, at the end of this document that offers more detailed information. This document is not intended for use as a guidance document, as individual branches of the military have issued guidance documents.

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