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Enhancing Propriospinal Relays to Improve Functional Recovery After SCI

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Temple University of the Commonwealth Philadelphia United States

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This is the second annual report for the grant to enhance propriospinal relays to bypass a contusion injury to the spinal cord. We have completed experiments for subtask 1 4 of specific aim 1 and subtasks 1 for specific aim 2. This Aim 2 of the study, we proposed to examine regeneration and sprouting of supraspinal axons after treatment with our PTEN Antagonist Peptides 1-4. We have previously observed PAP2 to induce robust regeneration in a dorsal hemisection model and thought it might enhance regeneration and sprouting after the more clinically relevant severe contusion injury. Unfortunately, upon completion of the study we did not observe enhanced functional recovery between controls and PAP treated groups. We observed some differences in corticospinal axon tract regeneration and sprouting in the presence of PAP2 compared to PAP1 and PAP4, but not vehicle controls. In addition we observed no statistically significant differences in serotonergic sprouting between controls and PAP treated animals. We are presently starting specific aim 3 of the study to examine enhancing propriospinal axon sprouting using GDNF alone or in combination with NT-3.

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Technical Report,15 Sep 2016,14 Sep 2017



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