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Neuroprotective Strategies for the Treatment of Blast-Induced Optic Neuropathy

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Vanderbilt University Nashville United States

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Traumatic optic neuropathy is a rare but devastating injury that can result from blunt force or explosive blast. Presentation can be delayed by weeks and patients can ultimately lose vision completely in the affected eye. Unfortunately, in the military, bilateral injuries are more common. We use a mouse model of closed globe trauma to induce indirect traumatic optic neuropathy in order to test underlying mechanisms with the goal of identifying therapies for this currently untreatable blinding condition. We have identified that the IL-1 pathway is causative to the secondary neurodegeneration after trauma. We have measured the release kinetics of EPO-R76E packaged microparticles for intraocular delivery. We are currently analyzing results from the galantamine treatment studies including electroretinogram, visual evoked potential, and optical coherence tomography. We detect no change in acetylcholine levels after blast in our repeat injury model. This could suggest that the cholinergic neurons are not particularly susceptible, or that there are important molecular differences between single large blast and repeat lower blast pressure injuries.

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Technical Report,15 Sep 2016,14 Sep 2017



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