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Sino-African Relationship: Its Implications on U.S. National Security Interests

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Air War College, Air University Maxwell AFB United States

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The Sino-African relationship has been labeled the biggest development for Africa since the end of the Cold War. But during its buildup, China has continued to maintain its controversial stance of non-interference while engaging with other countries. Today, there are two broad scholarly views about the Sino-African relationship--Sino-optimist and Sino-pessimist--and both sides feel they are correct. Due to Chinas enormous growth, many declare that China is a neo-colonialist predator, and is only on the continent to dump its goods and suck up valuable resources. For some it is easy to be drawn into this viewpoint and only focus on this criticism, especially from a Western perspective. But the Sino-African relationship should be viewed as mutually beneficial. Furthermore, both the United States and China have similar interests, which includes a stronger, more stable Africa.

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