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High Power Combiner/Divider with Coupled Lines for Broadband Applications

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Army Research Laboratory Adelphi United States

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A broadband Gysel divider has been demonstrated. The new concept uses a coupled line segment in the design to improve isolation and matching. Significant improvement in operation bandwidth are realized compared to the conventional approach, while maintaining low-loss, ease of design, and flexibility. The coupled-Gysel divider is demonstrated with a 2.5 8GHz, 105 fractional bandwidth, and 0.1 dB loss. Another divider operates from 3.4 10.2 GHz, with 100fractional bandwidth and 0.2 dB of insertion loss. The structure works well reciprocally as a combiner. A novel isolation structure will also be presented.

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Conference Paper

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42nd Annual Gomactech Conference (gomactech 17) Government Microcircuit Applications and Critical , 20 Mar 2017, 23 Mar 2017, See also AD1034309 - 42nd Annual Gomactech Conference (GOMACTech 17) Government Microcircuit Applications And Critical Technology Conference. Technologies For Secure Spectrum Access From Dc To Light. Held At The Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nevada, March 20-23, 2017.



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