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Carrying Capacity of Unsurfaced Runways for Low Volume Aircraft Traffic (Phases 2 and 5); The Behavior of Remoldable Soils Under Aircraft Loading

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Technion R and D Foundation, Israel Institute of Technology, Transportation Research Institute Haifa Israel

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Unsurfaced runways and landing strips have been used extensively for aircraft operation in the past and present. The existing design methods for the performance prediction of these runways, frequently fail to yield a realistic estimation of the number of aircraft that can use the landing strip, up to its functional failure. One of the reasons for the large discrepancy between the predictions of the design methods and actual runway performance, is the phenomenon of soil remolding. Certain types of soil tend to remold and change their strength properties, as a result of imposed stress and strain. The soil strength changes, which happen during runway operation, alter the rate of deterioration of the runway condition and hence the number of cycles to runway failure. No description of the behavior of this type of soils under repetitive aircraft loading was suggested in the past. The present research tackles the issue of soils remolding in the context of unsurfaced runways performance with the aim to better understand the phenomenon and to suggest ways to which consideration of soil remolding can be incorporated into the performance prediction process. ..... The different phases of the research provided verification mainly qualitative verification to the assumptions and presuppositions of the presented mechanistic model, for the description of remoldable soil behavior under repetitive wheel loading. Two different approaches have been suggested for the implementation of the model results, for better prediction of the performance of unsurfaced runways.

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Technical Report,17 Jan 1989,30 Dec 1994



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