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Temporal Progression of Visual Injury from Blast Exposure

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University of Utah Salt Lake City United States

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The purpose of this grant is to investigate the temporal progression of eye injury from blast exposure and identify early predictors of visual dysfunction. Initial analysis of histology performed in the previous year shows significant damage to both the cornea and lens. Inflammation, bullae, and neovascularization were common findings in the cornea. Several blast-exposed lenses exhibit damage indicative of the development of cataract. These histological findings are currently being linked to visual acuity and anatomical changes seen throughout the duration of the study. To correlate experimental blast exposures in rodents to human blast exposures, a computational parametric study was performed to evaluate the effect of anatomical features and size on blast overpressure. The scaling relationship developed from these studies will allow comparison between various experimental blast models to human blast exposure.

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Technical Report,01 Sep 2016,31 Aug 2017



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