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Innovative Magnetic-Field Array Probe for TRUST Integrated Circuits

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MaXentric Technologies LLC San Diego United States

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Over the past decade counterfeiting of electronics technologies have become an important issue. Despite all actions and concerns, this problem continues to escalate due to offshore fabrication of the integrated circuits ICs. In order to satisfy this growing security demand, we have designed a magnetic field probe array that has potential to create a system capable of identifying the functionality of component elements of ICs, identifying malicious circuitry Trojan, physical and electrical faults in ICs, compare ICs to known good circuits for the purpose of quality control. Measurement results with the designed EM probe demonstrated an operating frequency range from DC to 5GHz, an isolation between each loop of about 40dB, a dynamic range of 25 dB between the ON and OFF state of the probe, and the capability to map in real-time an IC device. This non-invasive solution is cost effective, with a small form factor.

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Conference Paper

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42nd Annual Gomactech Conference (GOMACTech 17), 20 Mar 2017, 23 Mar 2017, See also AD1034309 - Presented at the Annual Gomactech Conference (GOMACTech 17) (42nd) Government Microcircuit Applications and Critical Technology Conference. Technologies For Secure Spectrum Access From Dc To Light held in Reno, Nevada on 20-23 March 2017.



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