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The ATPG Attack for Reverse Engineering of Combinational Hybrid Custom-Programmable Circuits

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Howard University Washington United States

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This paper presents the implementation and evaluation of ATPG attack on hybrid custom programmable circuits. While functionality of programmable cells are only known to trusted parties, effective techniques for activation and propagation of the cells are introduced. The ATPG attack carefully studies dependency of programmable cells to develop theirpartial truth tables. Results demonstrate the capabilities of the ATPG attack.

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Conference Paper

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42nd Annual Gomactech Conference (GOMACTech 17), 20 Mar 2017, 23 Mar 2017, See also AD1034309 - 42nd Annual Gomactech Conference (GOMACTech 17) Government Microcircuit Applications And Critical Technology Conference. Technologies For Secure Spectrum Access From Dc To Light. Held At The Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nevada, March 20-23, 2017



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