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Converting Hangar High Expansion Foam Systems to Prevent Cockpit Damage: Full-Scale Validation Tests

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Jensen Hughes Baltimore United States

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The fire protection systems currently installed in U.S. Air Force USAF aircraft hangars consist of High Expansion Hi-Ex foam generators located in the overhead of the space and an overhead water sprinkling system. There have been several inadvertent discharges of these systems that have resulted in significant damage to internal aircraft systems due to submersion of the aircraft in high expansion foam. The USAF has developed a technique to reduce the consequences of an inadvertent discharge by automatically controlling the maximum depth of the foam. Specifically, the inlet air to each generator would be drawn from the critical foam height above the floor using ductwork. Once the foam reaches this critical height, the foam, in theory, would then be recirculated through the generator keeping the height of the foam relatively constant. This technique was tested on an intermediate scale at Jensen Hughes headquarters in Baltimore, MD during the Spring of 2016 and needed to be validated prior to USAF hangar implementation. These full-scale tests were the final step in validating the concept and developing an understanding of the associated design parameters. The validation tests were conducted at Eglin Air Force Base during the week of May 15th, 2017.

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Technical Report,01 May 2017,31 May 2017



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