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Synthesis of Bilayer Graphene on 90/10 Copper (Cu)/Nickel (Ni) Alloy and Transfer by Electrochemical Delamination

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US Army Research Laboratory Adelphi United States

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This study reports the growth of bilayer graphene on 9010 coppernickel alloy foils and thin films by chemical vapor deposition. We also describe an electrochemical delamination method that does not rely on etching of the underlying metal for release of the graphene layer. Instead, hydrogen bubble evolution is used to separate the graphene at the metalgraphene interface. The bubble delamination process overcomes difficulties associated with traditional wet etching of the metal, allowing major reductions in processing time and generation of hazardous chemical waste. Furthermore, since the metal catalyst is not consumed in the process, it can be recycled. The graphene can be transferred to a rigid or flexible substrate. We evaluate the quality of graphene transferred from a metal foil and metal film to a host silicon dioxidesilicon substrate by micro Raman and optical microscopy imaging methods.

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Technical Report,01 Sep 2016,31 Aug 2017




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