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Predicting DNAPL Source Zone and Plume Response Using Site-Measured Characteristics

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University of Florida Gainesville United States

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This final report and draft guidance document focuses on assessing the level of site characterization needed to support quality decisions regarding remedial strategies and long term stewardship of contaminated sites using a flux and mass balance based approach. Site characterization efforts are aimed at understanding the link between dense non aqueous phase liquid DNAPL source zones mass discharge under natural hydrological conditions and modified as a result of source zone treatment. The transition between forward and back-diffusion was also explored. Specific objectives of this project were to 1 Develop source-strength functions for site management purposes using existing historical site data supplemented with limited flux- and core-based sampling 2 Extend to the field-scale our ability to predict DNAPL source depletion through dissolution, based on a priori characterization of the source zone architecture 3 Characterize the near-source plume response to source-mass depletion at selected field sites in order to provide the understanding needed to predict long-term plume responses 4 Link the characterization of the near-source, short-term responses to likely long-term behavior of the dissolved plume including back diffusion and 5 Provide recommended guidance on the level of source zone characterization needed to adequately predict source-strength functions and plume response.

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