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DNA Copy Number Signature to Predict Recurrence in Early Stage Ovarian Cancer

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Massachusetts General Hospital Boston United States

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The second year of this award included the following tasks Major Task 2 To determine the copy number gain and loss for early stage high grade ovarian cancers through IlluminaHumanOmniExpress-FFPE Bead Chip system Subtask 1 DNA sample quality assessment and processing FFPE restoration to prepare chip compatible samples. Months 9 - 18 Subtask 2 Genomic abnormality analysis. Months 9 - 18Milestones Achieved Obtained DNA samples from 384 recurrent and non-recurrent early-stage ovarian cancers for the proposed copy number study. All samples have been analyzed for 5X Illumina NextGen sequencing to detect DNA-CNV.Major Task 2 Integrated analysis of the copy number variation result and the RNA seq results obtained from a paralleled DOD study of the PI OC110628.

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Technical Report,01 Aug 2015,31 Jul 2016



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