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MRI-Derived Cellularity Index as a Potential Noninvasive Imaging Biomarker of Prostate Cancer

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University of California, San Diego La Jolla United States

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Standard magnetic resonance imaging MRI of the prostate lacks sensitivity in the diagnosis and staging of prostate cancer PCa. To improve the operating characteristics of prostate MRI in the detection and characterization of PCa, we developed a novel, enhanced MRI diffusion technique using restriction spectrum imaging RSI-MRI. This technique leads to greater tumor conspicuity and also more accurate localization due to spatial distortion correction techniques. As of this annual report, we show that these techniques increase our ability to detect extraprostatic extension, improve accuracy of targeted biopsies and we show that our quantitative imaging signal RSI z-score correlates with Gleason grade on final histopathology.

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Technical Report,15 Sep 2013,14 Sep 2016



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