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State Route 58 Kramer Junction Expressway Replacement of Electrical Utility Poles

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California Dept of Transportation San Bernardino United States

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Under the larger SR-58 Expressway Project, Caltrans proposes to realign and widen a 13.3-mile segment of State Route 58 SR-58 from 0.4 mile west of the Kern CountySan Bernardino County line at Post Mile PM R143.5 to a point that is approximately 7.5 miles PM R12.9 east of United States Route 395 US-395. The SR-58 Expressway Project would widen the existing SR-58 from a two-lane conventional highway to a four-lane expressway and construct a railroad grade separation interchange at the SR-58US-395 Junction. The SR-58 Expressway Project is included in the Southern California Association of Governments SCAG 2015 Federal Transportation Improvement Program FTIP as Project 34770, which was adopted by SCAG on September 30, 2014 and found to be conforming by the Federal Highway Administration FHWA in December 2014. This project is also included in the SCAG 20162040 Regional Transportation PlanSustainable Communities Strategy RTPSCS, which was found conforming by FHWA and the Federal Transit Administration FTA on June 1, 2016.

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