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A Comparison of Wind Readings from LIDAR, Hot Wire, and Propeller and Vane Anemometers over Time Periods Relevant to Fire Control Applications

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ARDEC Picatinny Arsenal United States

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The work presented within compares the wind readings obtained from a weapon mountable hot wire anemometer and co-located down range laser wind sensor to the data collected from a string of propeller and vane anemometers set up along a firing line. The purpose of this effort was to determine if a combination of the two sensors would be able to measure the wind conditions a projectile would be subject to along its flight path to a target. The results of the work showed that the sensor suite was only able to partially capture the atmospheric disturbances affecting projectile flight. The hot wire anemometer was able to accurately report the long term trends in the wind as well as the short term deviations at the firing platform. The laser anemometer, however, was only able to capture the long term average winds at several predetermined downrange distances. These results show that further work needs to be conducted to quantify the effect of each type of wind reading on the ballistic solution before evaluating the utility of each sensor in a fire control application.

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