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High Performance Computing and Visualization Infrastructure for Simultaneous Parallel Computing and Parallel Visualization Research

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University of Kansas Lawrence United States

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The objective of this DURIP project was to acquire an HPC cluster and Mini CAVE to support research involving simultaneous parallel computing and parallel visualization at the University of Kansas KU. We acquired HPC and visualization infrastructure that form a system for simultaneous parallel computing and parallel visualization research. The HPC cluster is composed of 17 compute nodes with 340 cores, 20 NVIDIA GPGPUs, and 14 Intel Co-Phi processors. The visualization infrastructure is a next generation tiled Mini CAVE for semi immersive visualization. Our infrastructure leverages and extends existing KU infrastructure available to researchers through the KU Advanced Computing Facility. The HPC and visualization system has supported research in five Department of Defense DoD mission critical thematic areas involving simultaneous parallel computing and parallel visualization unstructured meshing, scientific visualization, computational fluid dynamics, elastodynamics, and materials chemistry. The infrastructure has enhanced the research supported by and of interest to the DoD. It has enabled research projects involving serial and parallel adaptive and moving mesh simulations, scientific visualizations, large eddy simulations of turbulent flows in gas engines, long-range acoustic propagation simulations, numerical modeling of nonlinear nanophotonic devices, and molecular dynamics simulations of solidification.

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Technical Report,18 Aug 2015,17 Aug 2016



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