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Government Activities to Detect, Deter and Disrupt Threats Enumerating from the Dark Web

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US Army Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth United States

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The surface web has become too risky for terrorist groups. The sites for spreading information about terrorist activities, fundraising, training and recruiting on the surface web can be easily shut down by government authorities. Terrorist forums, propaganda, fundraising sites and recruiting websites have been migrated from surface web to the dark web. However, the activities on the dark web are not easy to shut down. Either way, there is still a possibility to deny, degrade or disrupt illicit user activities. Government activities to detect, deter and disrupt threats emanating from the dark web are successful. There are several examples of successful operations that happen in past to either shut down illicit dark website or to de-anonymize the administrators or users. Those operations were executed with coalition partners or unilaterally. Government institutions in concert with coalition partners can detect, deter, and disrupt threats emanating from the dark web. By conducting offensive cyber activities across a wide geographical area, the dark web network funding can be reduced and infrastructure along with the hidden services degraded.

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