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Standardized and Repeatable Technology Evaluation for Cybersecurity Acquisition

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Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific San Diego

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Cybersecurity is a growing concern for the United States Government, indeed the United States is on the receiving end of an estimated 100,000 cyber-attacks each day. Cybersecurity is a fast-growing market where technologies are constantly evolving to counter threats to information and operations systems. Across the U.S. Government as a whole, there is no standard and repeatable methodology for evaluating cybersecurity technologies. In this document, we introduce the Department of Defense DoD-centric and Independent Technology Evaluation Capability DITEC, an experimental decision support service within the DoD, which aims to provide a standardized framework for cybersecurity technology evaluations in support of acquisition decision making. In addition to DITEC as a proof of concept, we describe a family of services including DITEC , an enterprise-level tool, and the Cyber-SCADA Evaluation Capability C-SEC, an instantiation of DITEC for evaluating SCASA network cybersecurity technologies.

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