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Structural Acoustic UXO Detection and Identification in Marine Environments

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Naval Research Laboratory Washington United States

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This work completes the post measurement analysis of the data collected in June 2013 in the Gulf using the BOSS-40. Inclusion of AUV position data has improved image quality and the ability to correctly register buried target depths. Along-range resolution resolved the UXO long axes, and cross-range resolution was within a factor of two of the UXO diameters. In a study that included all targets, results demonstrate that acoustic color can separate the detections from the UXOnon-UXO groups. BOSS source calibration studies demonstrated that the source of AUV system does not radiate spherically causing a significant impact on false target classification performance. Leave one out studies indicated that training experimentally can produce classification algorithms that have a near I probability of classification for UXO targets of the type used in training and a false positive percentage of about 33 against false targets unlike the UXO from a structural acoustics point of view. While the false alarm rate is higher against targets similar to the UXO, this performance would improve significantly with the use of a more uniform source.

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