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Synergic Investigation Of The Self-Assembly Structure And Mechanism Of Retroviral Capsid Proteins By Solid State NMR, Transmission Electron Microscopy And Multiscale simulation

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University Of Central Florida Orlando United States

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The Rous Sarcoma Virus RSV is the ideal platform to study retrovirus. The RSV capsid enclosing the viral genome materials is assembled from 1500 copies of the 237-residue RSV capsid protein CA. In vitro, tubular assembly can be obtained with the CA with similar underlying structural properties as the authentic RSV capsid. Due to strong polymorphism, RSV CA assemblies are challenging for structural characterization by techniques such as X-ray diffraction or cryo Electron Microscopy cryo-EM.

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Technical Report,15 Mar 2013,14 Sep 2016



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