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Impact of the Acquisition Corps Membership Requirement "24 Business-Credit Hours" on the Navy Acquisition Workforce

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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This research paper determines whether there is a negative impact on the Acquisition Workforce regarding the 24 business-credit hour requirement for membership into the Acquisition Corps AC. This paper discusses the Defense Acquisition Workforce history in regard to key legislation and why the 24 business-credit hour requirement was enacted. The research analyzes Acquisition Workforce survey data from DAWIA level II and III program managers PM assigned to NAVAIR and NAVSEA and previous fiscal year AC board results to determine whether there is an impact to the workforce because of this requirement. Survey and AC board data shows that among the four primary AC membership requirements, the 24 business-credit hour requirement contributes to the highest number of AC non-selection. Survey data collected from PMs at NAVAIR and NAVSEA showed no effect on officer promotion due to any requirement for AC membership. Further analysis of DAWIA certification regarding formal business education for each acquisition career field and the 24 business-credit hour requirement for AC membership did present a disconnect. The majority of acquisition career fields do not require business education as a DAWIA certification core standard, but they require 24 business credits for AC membership. This is causing an impact, specifically on the engineering duty officer EDO community for AC selection. The results and conclusion of this research provide a concise and achievable remedy to minimize the impact of this requirement by tailoring the formal business credit requirement to each career field andor identifying the business education requirement earlier in the officers DAWIA certification process.

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