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Modeling Of A Monocular, Full-Color, Laser-Scanning, Helmet-Mounted Display for Aviator Situational Awareness

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Army Aeromedical Research Lab FORT RUCKER AL Fort Rucker United States

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The modeling data and analysis presented in this paper was accomplished in 2003 by the authors. This manuscript represents early modeling efforts that assessed an operational question posed by the Project Manager PM for Aircrew Integrated Systems the precursor to PEO Soldiers PM for Air Warrior. The question related to the mounting of a see-through, helmet-mounted display HMD to the ANVIS mount of an HGU-56P helmet. By attaching the HMD to the ANVIS mount, the HMD would be placed in front of the helmets visor assembly. It was anticipated that for daylight missions, most aviators would deploy the tinted visor, thus reducing the ambient luminance reaching the eye. Mounting the HMD in front of the visor would increase the HMD luminance requirements as the neutral-density, tinted visor would attenuate the light coming from the HMD as well as the ambient scene by the same amount. What makes the present paper unique at the time was the idea of modeling HMDs by producing computer imagery for an observer to evaluate the quality of symbology.

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Technical Report,01 Jan 2002,31 Dec 2003



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