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The German Bundeswehr In The Face Of A Changing Security Environment: A Study Of Adaptation, Culture, And Politicization

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Air Command and Staff College, Air University Maxwell Air Force Base United States

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In 2006, Germany released a new security policy to address the emergence of new risks and threats with a modernized force capable of adapting to the dynamic security environment and conducting operations beyond its borders.1 Germany has since risen to become a key player in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO and the European Union EU however, security challenges from domestic terrorism, Russian expansionism, and a reduced US presence in Europe have also increased. This paper asserts that the Bundeswehr is inadequate to counter the current and growing security threats due to German culture and politicization. It substantiates this claim based on the results of a model that was synthesized from two organizational theoretical approaches that examined the Bundeswehr and how well it is adapted compared to the regional and global security environment. Secondly, it describes why culture and politicization is a significant contributing factor to these shortfalls. It should be recognized this paper only identifies inadequacies and their underlying causes through the lens of the organizational theory.

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